Where to next?

The wilds of our own backyard! With a new deck and new deck furniture (yeah!) we have no inclination (and no money) to go anywhere else. Besides, if you’ve read the blog, you’ll understand that half of us thinks we’re in Mexico anyway. Isn’t it nice?

deck 2 deck

Some of our previous trips: Gallery

We spent some time in Denver and Boulder.


Jamaica! We resolved to do nothing and we succeeded. In August, we enjoyed 5 days of all-inclusive paradise in Negril, Jamaica at Couples Swept Away. It is a great resort. The room was comfortable and had a great back porch for lounging and taking in the view of the tropical vegetation and a view of the ocean. Food and drink was readily available and the water was always right there for a cooling off after sitting in the sun or shade for an afternoon of reading.



Hawaii (January 2006)


Washington State (August 2005)


England (December 2004 – January 2005)


Belize (October 2003)