Our Family

We had a fairly typical beginning (met, married, planned a family) that took an unexpected turn when we found we couldn’t conceive.  In the midst of pursuing failed fertility treatments and surgeries that we hoped would bring us our first child, we grieved the loss of children that didn’t exist and were forced to ask and answer difficult questions about our values and our hopes for our family and our future.  Cliff embraced my dream of adoption, and we both embraced a new dream of adopting an older child. 

Various circumstances brought the opportunity to do IVF, and in the midst of it we learned we had been unexpectedly selected to adopt a little girl–unexpected because we’d been told our file had been indefinitely closed until IVF was complete.  In June we announced the success of our first IVF attempt and embarked on adopting a nine year-old little girl at the same time.  Our adoption story has ended sadly in recent weeks, however, and all our dreams for adoption are currently on the back burner while we await our first baby.

  london2004-162-custom-custom.jpg Cliff is a computer programmer. He works for QISS.

Catharine is a lecturer in Classics. She teaches at Texas A&M.

Baby Corder kicks it in the womb, waiting for his/her grand entrance.

145_4568_r1-custom-2.jpg And these are Plumb Bob, Tabby, Achilles and Nick.