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So, I’ve summed up nearly 40 weeks of fetal development in one post–now for the pregnancy itself.  For me, discovering I was pregnant was a little like discovering my own mortality.  Maybe this happens a little sooner for others–I was always a late bloomer–but for me, this was delayed.  Do you remember this feeling–this realization that someday you are going to have a tomb stone–the point when driving long distances at night starts to take on some of the ominous qualities your grandmother always tried to impress upon you?  The reason it was a shock is that I just never thought it would happen to me–other people died, of course, but it never really occurred to me that I would too.  And, maybe this is where infertility stepped into play.  After three years of trying to get pregnant, pregnancy in general just seemed ethereal, like becoming President someday or discovering that I was actually the long lost heiress to a great fortune.  Both good for a movie plot line, but not likely.

So, when I actually was pregnant, I found I didn’t really think certain things would happen to me, like, oh, gaining weight.  These things happened to other people, sure, but somehow I suffered under the misapprehension that they would not happen to me.  Imagine my shock the first time I saw a swollen ankle?  My husband continues to laugh at the perplexed expressions on my face when I ponder aloud how my jeans could possibly be tighter in the legs, how my shoes could feel a little snug, and quite frankly, how in the world my stomach got so huge!  “What did you think was going to happen?”  he’ll say.  I continue to look at him perplexed and a little annoyed, actually, because while I have gained 35 pounds (actually, more, but I just say 35 because that’s the upper acceptable limit and I am not in the habit of being honest with myself), he has lost at least 15.

At first, I thought it was just an optical illusion causing him to look thinner and thinner when standing next to my burgeoning belly, but then his pants started looking loose in the waist band, and then he started tugging on said waist bands and chuckling at the gapes, himself perplexed, because he “wasn’t trying to lose weight.  Where is it all going?”  It’s like the curious case of Benjamin Button–he looks younger and more handsome, while I can no longer tie my own shoes and roll in and out of bed like an old man with a bear belly.

So, here I am at 18 weeks–if you didn’t know me you couldn’t tell I was pregnant, but I wasn’t wearing any of my normal clothes at that point.
Just a few weeks later, 20 weeks, I was looking a little more bonafied.
So, skip ahead to 35 weeks since there are almost no pictures of me without Natasha that I can actually post.  Obviously, the baby bump got a little bigger.  Here I am at a baby shower with the Inbody women in my family.
And finally, this is the current condition my condition is in.  Did I mention no longer having much use of my abdominal muscles?  It seems they can only become so convex before they just give up.  My husband finds this amusing.  He likes to laugh while he watches me roll around trying to get up out of bed and off the couch.

So, that’s where we are now. The baby is showing no signs of wanting to leave–he’s apparently quite content and finds his digs perfectly acceptable.  We’re hoping he’ll change his mind before my doctor decides to evict him.

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Julia on March 1st, 2009 at 1:48 am #

We’re rootin’ for you, babe (and baby!) It won’t be much longer, hang in there! Enjoy your sleep, have dates with Cliff, go to movies and come over to your friend’s house for tea to keep yourself distracted in the meantime :) You look so lovely!

Janet Williams on March 1st, 2009 at 2:38 am #

I love your writing and have missed it so. I think that you look beautiful. I love pregnant bellies! :)

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