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Dare I share my sentimental side?  I prefer to be wrapped in my sarcasm and dry witt and like to think I am not at all sentimental, but I guess I’ll expose myself here and show you something I wrote thinking about our three-year-long search for children that was shorter than many but longer than most.  So, this is for all the parents who spent longer than expected finding their children either through adoption or infertility treatment.


We looked high and low for you,

inside and out for you;

We looked the world over for you,

until you were found.


And if we had it to do over for you,

we’d look the whole world all over for you.

We’d climb high and low for you

all over again.


We’d move mountains and peaks for you;

We’d cross valleys and seas for you;

We’d cry oceans of deeps for you

and find you again.


And some day, we pray for you,

you’ll cross oceans and seas too;

you’ll climb mountains and peaks as you

find you again.


You’ll see this whole world all over as you

climb high and live deep too;

front the trueness of life, and you’ll

find you again.

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