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It’s been about three weeks since we learned we were selected for Natasha, and still no news on her file, which is apparently making its way through the system, which apparently works something like bad road construction where they funnel several lanes down to one so that you end up slowing down to a snail’s pace until it opens back up again.  The funnel is the “de-identifying process.”  It sounds so ominous–like they have those little MIB contraptions that wipe your memory out.  They have to remove the names and numbers of people who must remain anonymous–protect the innocent and all that.  And apparently there’s only one person who can do this.  I picture a man (who looks just like Will Ferrell) in a white room at a desk with huge stacks of paper on both the left and the right, one labeled “In Box” and the other “Out Box.” He has a black marker that he’s squeaking over the paper in a slow rhythmic motion–something like a scene from Stranger than Fiction.  Eventually, our paperwork will make it from one side of his desk to the other and then we’ll get to begin pre-placement visits.

In the mean time…we’re getting Natasha’s room ready!  The room already looked very girly and has green walls, which is apparently her favorite color–although I don’t know about this shade.  It’s filled with my childhood furniture, which my grandpa made, and furniture that belonged to my other grandparents that they’d bought in the ’40’s when they got married–so, Natasha will be surrounded by family heirlooms.  That’s very meaningful to me if not to a nine year old, I don’t know.

So, here is the current chaos!  Obviously, her room also full of our (my) junk–I pulled everything out of the closet and from under the bed, and thus it has become apparent to me that keeping every card and letter I’ve ever received is not a sustainable habit.  Besides, some day Natasha will be cursing me as she sorts through all our (my) stuff, so everything must go!  Cliff is enjoying this because when we got married I declared him a certifiable pack rat of the third degree and set about curing him of this nasty habit.  We had a series of garage sales that earned us quite a pretty penny and slowly but surely I rid the house of his collected stuff and furniture and, well, pretty much everything he’d owned ante-me.  It was for his own good–he’s much better off now, trust me.  So, as he watches me mournfully sort the wheat from the chaff he’s a little too triumphant.  He doesn’t say much, but I see the self satisfied grin, the hands on hips, feet apart stance that says “I’m vindicated.”  I see it, and I ignore it

We’ve installed a closet system rather than get a dresser–I hope this will work because the room is full of furniture as is.   I painted the inside of the closet and Cliff was very happy with his first fatherly task of constructing and installing the closet system.  I gave him an A+ for fatherliness–a dad should be handy with an electric drill.  So, so far so good–we’ve made no parenting mistakes thus far.

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Barb on June 24th, 2008 at 2:43 am #

Looks nice! *I* would like it when I was 9!

Erika on June 30th, 2008 at 2:32 pm #

Yay! It’s so nice to read your blog posts and stay up to date. You have a lot of news these days!! I’ll give a call soon. Just back from Newfoundland.

Julie on July 4th, 2008 at 5:20 pm #

You mean you don’t miss the native american prints???? 😉 I wish Bronius would agree to a garage sale (aka let me clean out his office!) Natasha’s room is coming together beautifully. This sweet little girl is going to have a lovely life with her new family!!!!

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