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So on Monday I couldn’t stand it anymore and called our social worker to ask (again) about the time line, knowing full well she’d have nothing new to tell me, but, well, I guess I had to hear it for myself.  The first thing she told me was that Natasha had asked the exact same question–she’s nine years old but wants to know the time line!  My heart expanded about three sizes–she’s going to fit right into our little type-A family. 

We can’t have any contact with her until we receive her complete file and can yet again give our consent — have I already mentioned this ten times before?  feels like it — and there is only one person in our region who can get this paperwork to us, so we are waiting……

But as soon as we get our hands on this paperwork, we can arrange a visit and we have already bought the camera with which to record it!  So, stay tuned for our first family photo with Natasha.  Can’t say when it will happen, unfortunately, but it will be some time this summer.

In the mean time, we’re working on her bedroom.  It looks like a tornadoe hit it at the moment.  Cliff is happily constructing a closet organization system that we’re hoping will replace a dresser nicely since there’s already plenty of furniture in that room.  And if she’s at all type-A in other areas of her life, she’s going to love how organized it all is!  I do.

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