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limbo-wedding.jpgI found this picture of a newly married couple.  See them smile as they “limbo.”  It’s all fun and games for them–the future is bright–a little back bending is to be expected in life of course, but see how they’re still smiling?   So young, so niave…..

I haven’t been blogging about our adoption, letting you all think we were still waiting on inactive status, but it’s just because I don’t have words to express what’s been happening the past week, so let me just show you–limbo.jpg

Unlike the happily tittering couple above, this is what our limbo has looked like the past week–but we’re not in that kind of shape, so it’s done a number on my knees.

Last week while making my way into the Bermuda Triangle (i.e. Houston), my husband called me to tell me that we had made the short list for a little girl for whom we’d sent in our homestudy a few months before.  We were one of three families chosen for her, and they would be picking the family in a few short days.  We were elated!  I was so elated, in fact, that the Bermuda Triangle was able to get the best of me for almost an hour of total confusion before I found myself in Galveston and was able to work my way back to my doctor’s appointment 30 minutes late, but I didn’t care.  To hell with IVF, we were thinking, give us a fully formed child!  So, we dutifully informed our family of the potential–they showed various degrees of excitement, mild interest, and total disregard.  We didn’t care.

 The deadline came and went, emails and phone calls were exchanged, there were mix-ups and problems and delays, new deadlines were set, they came and went, more emails and phone calls, a new deadline, promises, appologies, and now total silence.  We’re stuck in seemingly interminable limbo at the moment, waiting, waiting…will we be parents by the end of the week, or not?  Are we going to be furnishing a nine year old’s bedroom this weekend, or going to the movies? 

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Freyja on June 4th, 2008 at 8:30 pm #

Hey it’s no big deal, y’all can wait, right?

Sounds pretty frustrating. Much luck and luv!

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