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Yes, it’s true.  We’ve completed the requisite 9 hours of PRIDE training and are now completely trained parents ready for any and all parenting challenges.  I had the chance to practice my newly honed parenting skills with my nephew yesterday during a nuclear lunch/nap time melt down–we were both in one piece at the end of it, so I consider myself a success.  We’ll humbly offer our sage parenting advice to any of you who need it ;).  We’ve also completed the Adoption: Fantasy, Fallacy and Fact course, as well as CPR and First Aid, so we’re well on our way toward completing the application process.  Now we just need to prove that we graduated from high school : ) and don’t have TB.  Should be easy enough.

This weekend we will fire-proof our home; I plan to include some photos of our safety overhaul.  We need to install three new fire/smoke detectors, plug covers, safety latches, and secure all our chemicals and combustables in a storage cabinet.  We’re also working on our disaster plan and emergency readiness.  Check out this family disaster plan by the Red Cross.  In light of the impending hurricane season, here near the gulf coast, it would be wise for us to be prepared as little likelihood as there is in our town for a hurricane–you never know.

Friends and family are starting to receive their recommendation forms, which is exciting.  Over the next several weeks we will decide which type of adoption we’ll do: foster-to-adopt, legal risk placement, or straight adoption.  There are pros and cons to each that basically have to do with the level of emotional risk we’re willing to take (because they could be reunited with their parents or adopted by family members) and the age and special needs of the children we think will be the best fit in our family.  Of course, the two are inversely proportional: the younger the children, the greater the risk, and vice versa.  So, we’re praying with confidence that the Lord knows what He has in store for us and that it will be good.  It’s a very exciting time, and also a little stressful and overwhelming, but such is life.

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Julia on July 14th, 2007 at 11:18 pm #

I’m still waiting on my reco form!!!! :) Miss you, miss you! Come over for lunch this week please!!! :)

Scott and Rebecca on August 6th, 2007 at 7:30 am #

Isn’t it a shame that ALL parents aren’t as well prepared as you have to be before we receive new children into our homes! :)

Have a safe and restful trip to Jamaica!

Lance on November 7th, 2007 at 1:46 pm #

Maybe all parents should have to pass these courses.

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