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That’s right folks–we continue to thumb our noses at Darwin.  Survival of the fitest has tried to throw us out of the reproductive game, but thanks to modern medicine, we’re still in it.  This is the reason I wasn’t conscious for the conception, and it’s looking more and more like I may not be for the delivery, either.  A lot of women take this pretty hard–the idea that they will miss the experience of a natural delivery–but more and more, I’m feeling a smug sense of accomplishment that says, “that’s right Darwin, I’m throwing my genes into the pool, if you like it or not.”

It seems, you see, that our child fears change and does not wish to exit the womb.  You saw the “kickin’ it in the womb” photo, so maybe should have been able to predict this.  Maybe our kid is just that laid back.  But, considering his genetic composition, we’re in disbelief.  There’s no Punitt square using our genes that could possibly result in that.  There’s always the possibility of a mutation–but still.  No, we think it’s far more likely that this little guy simply fears change.  Either that, or we’ve conceived of a small genius with a huge head that simply can’t descend.  This is what the doctors have suggested–that we have a kid with a big brain and I have tiny hips–all very flattering, but in a practical sense it means I’m lucky to live in this century and not 60 years ago–it means that at just about any other time in the milinia of human history I would have been thrown out of the gene pool at this point even if I’d somehow managed to conceive on my own, which is doubtful.  In any case, the little dude is still swimming around somewhere under my esophagus happily free floating and apparently at this point in the game, that’s cause for some concern; most babies have descended to some degree by 40 weeks.

So, we wait.  We go back in another week and see if anything has sorted itseld out, and if both the baby and my body are still uncooperative by Friday the 13th (yes, indeed!), we have chosen this propitious day to bring our little guy into the world, ready or not.

Filed Under (Baby) by catharine on 25-04-2007
I thought you all would be amused, and my mother horrified, to see that every item of baby gear has been submitted to the strict review of our in-house quality control committee.  Plumb Bob approved the car seat for napping…
and the bassinett…
and the Baby Bjorn.
The bassinett has won hands down, however. It seems to be everyone’s favorite.

Yeah, yeah, I know–we have a lot of cats.