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Picture me and my husband as groundhogs peaking our heads out of the ground for the first time in months, looking around and possibly seeing our shadows, then scampering back into our holes for a longer winter, because this is how we feel.  Hurricanes have raged, presidential ellections have progressed, and the economy has apparently taken a nose dive all while we have been hybernating inside our little home unaware of the world around us.  Not that we’ve been sleeping peacefully mind you, but I have been sleeping a lot–a lot more than I have since I was in the third grade myself–a lot for any adult, 18-weeks pregnant or not.  It seems that it takes a lot of sleep to fuel me through pregnancy, teaching four college courses and negotiating third grade homework, third grade lunch and snack preferences, and third grade life in general.  In fact, third grade, I’m finding, is exhausting.

So, just to recap for you, in June we got pregnant through IVF and found out we got Natasha, in July Natasha came home, in August she and I both went back to school, and now in September we are starting to emerge from our cocoons to notice that life has been going on all around us–our church is full of misplaced hurricane evacuees, our mutual funds are worth far less than the amount we have put into them, and the presidential candidates have running mates!  It’s been like watching an entire season of lost on dvd all in one weekend.  No dramatic cliff hangers, just instant gratification, and yet, precious little satisfaction.  It’s all still hanging in limbo, and we have no idea what any of it means.

Fortunately for us (not for Houston, I’m afraid) the area meet for Special Olympics has been cancelled due to the pool having sat for weeks without power, so my weekend was suddenly freed up.  It took my husband and I about 15 seconds to decide we were going camping because our house is not far enough away from reality for us–we must go to the woods, to front the essential facts of life, drive it into a corner and all that.  Actually, what we really wanted was to go to Europe on a semi-permanent vacation, but this will have to do.  So, we have bought a family-sized tent, a third sleeping bag and ground mat, and we’re off to introduce the newest family member to the great outdoors. 

The great outdoors sounded exciting to our daughter in theory, but faced with an actual camping trip I’m sensing some hesitation.  While before she insisted she wanted her own tent, she’s now speculating that she might like to stay with us.  We, being the clever adults we are, anticipated this and have a tent big enough for all just in case.  And while foil dinner still hold the same allure they did last month, this month she wants to know why we have to drive to a state park–why not stay in the city?  In fact, why stay outside at all?  When faced with our astounding logic that “that” would no longer be camping, she looked us as if to say, ‘think outside the box, people,’ and the conversation ended with no satisfactory conclusion.  So, we’re not sure how this all will go.  We’re hoping the truth of the joy of being in the great out-of-doors will be made self-evident, but we’ll let you know her conclusions when all is said and done.  We plan to bribe her with many s’mores and win her to our side.

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We’ve been silent this summer, but this doesn’t mean we have not been busy.  And, while it may seem that my focus has been wholly un-related to adoption, that’s not really the case.  The grand occasion for this flying pig is the unexpected-by-many completion of my thesis and Master’s Degree.  Yes, it’s true.  I have also fulfilled my obligation to the Texas Historical Commission by submitting the chapter I have long owed them on La Belle‘s rigging, which will be published in a larger book about La Belle by a University Press at some point in the future; that is all I know about that subject, but I assure you, it is all I need to know to feel utterly and entirely at peace.   

Jamaica is almost a footnote to this lofty news, but you can go to our Travel page to see those photos.  We narrowly missed Hurricane Dean, or so I’m told.  We were entirely oblivious to the storm, or, for that matter, much of anything else beyond our balcony, the beach chair where I spent my days reading novels that had very little cerebral content (and that’s all I’ll admit to on that subject), and the nice lady who brought me margaritas for five lovely days.   

Little does our adoption agency know, but this was by far the best preparation for adoption and parenthood that I could have had, and don’t assume Cliff is breathing any fewer sighs of relief; he has been forbidden to openly discuss my thesis research with me for the majority of our marriage and has been reduced to using euphemisms and subtle hints to ascertain its status.  So, we are both free, and ready for a home study!


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