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Filed Under (Thesis) by catharine on 25-04-2007

It’s really done now–there’s no turning back. After a seemingly endless editing process, during which I began strongly to suspect that I was in fact illiterate, I have submitted my manuscript to the thesis office, and although I will have to complete their edits as well, it is now certain that I will graduate in December. I’m breathing great sighs of relief. They tell me I am the 266th soul to be rid of their manuscript this semester–cheers to all 266 of us and whoever came after me.

I inked the final versions of my reconstruction of La Belle‘s standing and running rigging, both of which you can view if you’d like to see an image of my final research. Soon it will be published on the web, so if you happen to be one of the half dozen people or so who takes an interest in 17th-century French rigging, you can peruse it until your heart’s content.

I’m trying to decide how much energy I’ll have to pour into other activities now that this is finally finished–right now it seems to be directed toward our Halloween costumes: a worthy diversion. Stay tuned for images of the Dread Pirate Cliff and his booty, played by yours truly.

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We’ve been silent this summer, but this doesn’t mean we have not been busy.  And, while it may seem that my focus has been wholly un-related to adoption, that’s not really the case.  The grand occasion for this flying pig is the unexpected-by-many completion of my thesis and Master’s Degree.  Yes, it’s true.  I have also fulfilled my obligation to the Texas Historical Commission by submitting the chapter I have long owed them on La Belle‘s rigging, which will be published in a larger book about La Belle by a University Press at some point in the future; that is all I know about that subject, but I assure you, it is all I need to know to feel utterly and entirely at peace.   

Jamaica is almost a footnote to this lofty news, but you can go to our Travel page to see those photos.  We narrowly missed Hurricane Dean, or so I’m told.  We were entirely oblivious to the storm, or, for that matter, much of anything else beyond our balcony, the beach chair where I spent my days reading novels that had very little cerebral content (and that’s all I’ll admit to on that subject), and the nice lady who brought me margaritas for five lovely days.   

Little does our adoption agency know, but this was by far the best preparation for adoption and parenthood that I could have had, and don’t assume Cliff is breathing any fewer sighs of relief; he has been forbidden to openly discuss my thesis research with me for the majority of our marriage and has been reduced to using euphemisms and subtle hints to ascertain its status.  So, we are both free, and ready for a home study!


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